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The best place to celebrate….Life

We are the product of our environment. Research shows that our health and life span are greatly dependent where we live. We all need enabling infrastructure and amenities that help hone our true potential. Contemporary and well equipped facilities coupled with the best of Nature, enrich our lives and the way we live. The world is moving towards self-contained, Self-sufficient communities. Complete living is the order of the future. The coming decade will see the sharpest rise in property prices in the upcoming suburbs of Indian Cities.

In all of this , look what Six mile Express Way has lined up
Economists predicts a five-fold increase in property prices in the upcoming areas of Indian cities over the next decade ! In Guwahati , Six mile Expressway is the fastest growing area. Four lane expressway with major commercial, institutional and residential establishments are bound to take property prices in Six mile Expressway through the roof. Real Estate prices in Guwahati are already up by 30% in last two years, and are expected to rise exponentially. As the gateway of Northeast , buyers are flocking to Guwahati like never before
Come to Clean and Green surroundings
Trees are the lungs, the oxygen-generating life-giver of any city. Japanese researcher have found that people living close to nature parks and trees have minimal health problems and live longer. The World Health Organization stipulates a minimum 25% green cover for a large city. Guwahati has only 15% green cover. Dispur with 20% green cover boasts one of the highest proportion of green in the city. Aakash Residency is even better ! With a green cover of more than 45%
The best health care facilities are all round the corner
Down Town Hospital (Only 5 minutes drive)
GNRC  (Only 6 minutes drive)
International Hospital (Only 8 minutes drive)
BHL , Sixmile (Only 2 minutes drive)
Guwahati Medical College Hospital (Only 10 minutes drive)
Dispur Polyclinic (Only 7 minutes drive)
All the best places of Education are just round the corner
Kendriya Vidayalaya (Only 7 minutes drive)
Army School , Narengi (Only 10 minutes drive)
Maharshi Vidya Mandir (Only 20 minutes drive)
Delhi Public School (Only 20 minutes drive)
Guwahati Medical College (Only 12 minutes drive)
Assam Engineering College (Only 30 minutes drive)
The main office areas are also close at hand
Asom Sachivalaya (Only 7 minutes drive)

DPI Office/S.B. Office/Kahilipara  (Only 10 minutes drive)

Guwahati Refinery  (Only 15 minutes drive)
Chief Engineer’s Office, P.W.D Chanmari (Only 20 minutes drive)
Deputy Commissioner's office (Only 25 minutes drive)
Take a look at shopping options at Akash Residency
Nayantara Supermarket (Only 2 minutes drive)
Vishal Mega Mart (Only 18 minutes drive)
Shopper’s Point (Only 20 minutes drive)
SOHUM Shoppe (Only 11 minutes drive)
Entertainment Options are endless
Shankardev Kalakhetra (Only 2 minutes drive)
State Zoological Garden (Only 12 minutes drive)
ACCOLAND (Only 40 minutes drive)
Apsara & Anuradha Movie Theatre (Only 16 minutes drive)
Nehru Park (Only 22 minutes drive)

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